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Redefining robo advisory for financial institutions

Our approach

Smartfolios is a suite of advanced and real-time quantitative investment engines and analytics tools

Our quantitative approach and enterprise-grade technology provide the foundation that enables our clients to redefine their advisory and investment solutions.

Smartfolios is now a business unit of Finantix

How it works

Empowering your digital advisory value chain

Elevate all stages of your digital advisory and investment processes with our real time, quantitive engines and analytics foundation, supporting all your key stakeholders across multiple channels and devices.


Redefine your advisory and investment solutions and elevate your digital value chain

Inject at each stage of your wealth management process the kind of quantitative tools and services that best fit your business vertical, your stakeholders and customer segments, your go to market and engagement strategy.

Advanced quantitative based architecture and data mart enabling deep market data dive, strategy modelling and back testing, simulation, monitoring and reporting

Full House View support along the advisory process: research, design, build, communicate, implement, monitor, measure and optimise

Artificial Intelligence extendable models and features based on reasoning, machine learning and predictions techniques

Full quant based Robo advisory engine with investment portfolio building and rebalancing rules and algorithms, advanced risk analysis, end to end order flow capabilities, portfolio performance reporting and analytics

Platform for all stakeholders involved in the investment process: CIOs and investment specialist, portfolio manager and EAM, relationship manager and financial planner, individual and institutional customers

Extendable with more than 100 components and modules coming from over 15 years Finantix experience with top tier financial institutions

Granular APIs and micro services to accelerate delivery and management of a fully digital B2C or B2B (robo) advisory service for all your business channels and client segments

Available as pure Cloud option or on-premise deployment. Contact us to become part of Smartfolios on demand QuantCloud beta service for selected modules, or simply deploy into your enterprise infrastructure

Comprehensive and differentiated suite of investment models: asset allocations and model portfolios, thematic, fundamental and technical portfolios and generation of tailored investment ideas

Empower all stakeholders along the advisory value chain

  • Robo thematic and personalised portfolios
  • Strategy builder for the CIO office
  • House view distribution
  • Advanced analytics and continuous portfolio fine tuning
  • Wide product taxonomy and real-time thematic-style analysis


Smartfolios quant engines and foundation

Our vision is to build the market leading quant based advisory, insights and portfolio management platform. At all times, we are driven by excellence as we forge long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships based on integrity and trust.

Our team

We combine over 40 years of markets and investment experience. As a team of cross disciplinary experts with deep industry knowledge and astute data science insights, we are able to both anticipate and capitalize on emerging technologies, regulatory developments and financial innovations.

Our mission

We provide our clients with a platform and suite of tools powered by quantitative models and enterprise-grade technology that allow them to redefine their wealth management solutions and services. Our platform offers cutting-edge technology and robust advisory and investment tools that make the difference.